Look into profiles of local independent support workers.

How it functions

Join Nyra for free to start looking for a new support worker (or workers). Enjoy the freedom to make your own decisions about your assistance requirements.

Search for a support worker

Look through the profiles of local Independent Support Workers. For your peacefulness, they've all been double-checked and verified. Focus your search on specific interests, availability, skills, and other factors.

Arrange a support session

Make a list of your favourites and connect with them directly through the Nyra platform. You and your new support worker (or workers) can agree on the services, pricing, timing, and location of the help.

Know you're secured

You may rest easy knowing that the Nyra platform's precautions and safeguards, including insurance, are in place. Continue to develop your team by connecting with other support employees in the future.

Is it subsidised by the government? We've got your back.

NDIS and disability support

You can get a lot more adaptability out of your NDIS package with Nyra. You have the freedom to choose the proper support workers for you, to follow your passions, to reach your objectives, and to get involved with the community.

Home Care Package

Self-manage and use Nyra to take complete control of your Home Care Package. You might get up to quadruple the hours of care from the same financing if you have complete choice over who offers your help.

Know the Nyra difference

Freedom of selection

Consider being able to assemble your own support crew. With Nyra, you may create your own assistance schedule and even pick and select which services you need to live the life you choose.

Money used in the most ideal way

Our running costs are cheaper as we're online. The savings go to our clients. You and your support worker just consent upon a rate, and Nyra's fees are only an extra 5%.


You can trust Nyra because each support worker has been thoroughly vetted, including police checks and references. You'll also have access to the ratings and reviews that other Nyra customers have given.

A dependable community of support that you can trust

Tough approval procedure

Nyra Independent Support Workers are vetted in a strict way via police checks, references and qualification verifications where necessary.

Worker ratings and reviews

We believe that the best judge of quality support is our community. You'll have access to consumer reviews and ratings with Nyra, which will give you significant peacefulness.

Insurance coverage

Nyra Technologies Pty Ltd, on behalf of Gow-Gates Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd, fixes insurance on behalf of workers to safeguard you and your employees for each invoiced session.

Usual questions about Support Workers

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