Self-managing your Home Care Package

Why self-manage

Increased hours and better value, as well as more choice and control. You don't have to do away with your independence or get influenced over your life decisions just because you require some help with daily tasks. With a self-managed Home Care Package you opt to retain control.

What is self-management

Anyone who obtains a government-funded Home Care Package has the alternative to 'self-manage' it.
When you self-manage your Home Care Package, you get to make the majority of the decisions regarding how your money is spent to meet your requirements in an ideal way. This includes deciding who will assist you, what they will do, and when they will do it.

How Home Care Packages functions

The story of self-management

How does self-management differ?

What support and help do I require?

What is the cost?

How do I find suitable people to assist me?

Is self-management a good option for me?

How self-management functions

What services can be availed

Find independent care and support workers who have interests similar to yours and can best fulfil your requirements and belong to your neighbourhood.
Perhaps you require someone who is fluent in your native tongue or who is familiar with your hobbies.
Nyra gives you the power to communicate directly with your support staff and select services that are right for you and your objectives.
According to Nyra's verification policy, every independent support worker has been reviewed and verified.

Support Provided by Support Workers

Personal Care

Social support

Domestic Assistance

Nursing services

Therapy assistants

Allied health

Maintain an independent life

Help with morning and evening routines

How to begin

Are you ready to take control of your Home Care Package? Follow the easy steps outlined below to get started. Whether you've already been authorised for a Home Care Package or wish to change to self-management, here's what needs to doneas per your place in the process:

With Nyra, you'll get increased hours of care from your home care package.

Package LevelValue of package (without admin fee of approximately 15%)Number of hours a week when using agencies - $48 per hourNumber of hours per week when using Nyra - approx. $30 - $35 per hour
Level 1$7012.50 (approx)2-3 hours per week4-5 hours per week
Level 2$12,750 (approx)5-6 hours per week6-8 hours per week
Level 3$28,050 (approx)11-12 hours15-17 hours
Level 4$42,713 (approx)17-18 hours per week24-26 hours per week

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