Our Home Care Promise

We believe that quality care is a primary human right, hence we are confident and dedicated to the matches made.
Our Promise assures you that if the match isn’t appropriate with the provider we recommend, you will have to pay no charges for switching your Package to a different provider.
Our Partners are customer centred and will work to tackle any problems you have to achieve the most ideal result, but if you’re still not satisfied, there are no long-term fixed contracts and no exit fees.
aged person suffering arms pain sitting wheelchair training with dumbbells min We’re confident that we’ll link you with a provider that is most ideal for your needs, but if it is not so, our Promise ensures that you will encounter no problems if you want to switch your provider.
Provision of Quality care is what we strive for. We ensure that the provider recommended by us comes out clean on strict quality checks and follows an approach that considers the customer at the foremost.

NDIS Support Services quality Criteria

Clear fees

Our partners have no hidden fees and charges. They are dedicated to just and transparent fees.

Flexible and easily adaptable

Our partners think logically when providing assistance to customers to enhance the package funding.

Strong Recruitment

A provider is just as good as its people! Our partners are dedicated to continual training and progress of staff.

Vigorous processes

Our partners have vigorous processes. This makes it easy for customers to change, shift, request a new service or organize different supports.

Ongoing improvement

Our partners are dedicated to getting feedback from customers and making alterations to provide enhanced services.

Want more information?

Ensure you’re getting the correct help with your Home Care Package and if you require support to search for the correct care provider for your requirements, or if more questions are bothering you, just feel free to call and talk to one of NDIS Support Service’s Advisers on Health-000-000


Please get in touch with us in case you have any issues.


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