Home Maintenance When You Require It

Home maintenance plays a crucial role in keeping your home safe and comfortable. There are various chores around the home that only require to be done once a year, but when you or your loved one are sick or become feeble, managing without help can be too difficult. We provide home care services that include home maintenance so you can ensure your home is appropriately cared for and comfortable to reside in.

Home Modifications

Many gardeners can provide assistance with small home maintenance jobs around your home, hence if you already have a gardening service organized, we can facilitate the carrying out of jobs. For jobs that are bigger, we can arrange for a person to complete whatever work requires to be done.
Home maintenance includes tasks like:

  • Cleaning gutters
  • Cleaning windows
  • Replacement of tap washers
  • Installing smoke alarms, or switching the batteries
  • Planing doors that have become fixed
  • Changing hinges or knob.

Home Repairs

The home care services offered by us may also assist you with minor home repairs, like:

  • Minor plaster repairs in walls or ceiling
  • Re-grouting of tiles
  • Mending fences and gates so that they can be used safely.


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