Home Care Packages

Home Care Packages

Are you aware that you can select your own care worker and pay for them with your aged care money if you use Nyra?

Individuals and families who use Nyra adore the following features:

  • Adaptability - there are no minimum hours, and you can hire a caregiver for as less as an hour per day.

  • Affordability - on the platform, care professionals charge an average of $25 to $35 per hour. As a result, you'll get additional hours from your home care package.

  • Individual connection - Choose a caregiver that speaks the same language as a loved one, belongs to the area, has similar hobbies, or simply has a personality type that will fit you or the individual who needs care or support.

Please remember that Nyra can be used by those who have a government-funded Home Care Funding from the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) cannot be spent to pay for Nyra employees.

Comprehending home care packages

The My AgedCare portal, run by the government, contains a wealth of information regarding Home Care Packages. We urge that you go there for detailed information; to get you started, we've summed up the key aspects below.

What is a Home Care Package, and how does it work?

A Home Care Package is a planned set of services and care designed to help you stay as independent as possible in your own home for as long as possible. It is just for persons above the age of 65.

Some people are considered for a Home Care Package after receiving assistance under the Commonwealth Home Support Programme. Others will begin by obtaining a Home Care Package.

To satisfy the various degrees of care demands, there are four kinds of home care packages.

You or the person who needs care or support will need an ACAT evaluation to get a Home Care Package. To schedule an assessment, go to the My Aged Care portal.

The evaluator will discuss your present care requirements and identify the optimum level of care to meet them during an ACAT evaluation.

It is projected that a larger number of persons will be determined to be eligible for a lower-level package, while a smaller number will be determined to require higher-level packages.

What are the levels?

  • Level 1 - Basic Care Requirements - $8250 p.a

  • Level 2 - Low-level care requirements - $15,000 p.a

  • Level 3 - Intermediate care requirements - $33,000 p.a

  • Level 4 - High-level care requirements - $50,250 p.a

A variety of aged care services are subsidised by the Australian government. If you can afford it, you are required to pay to the expense of your treatment.

The charge estimators for home care and residential care can assist you in detremining the fees and payments you may be required to pay for elderly care. To utilise the estimator, go here.

How will I spend Nyra's Home Care Package funds?

Quite simple! Once your HCP financing has been granted, give us a call or go to the Nyra platform to find a worker (don't forget to ask about our Concierge Service, which will assist you in finding a worker).

We'll link you with a home care provider who will manage your HCP and make payments to your worker after you've hired someone.

You'll have to authorise invoices from care workers, which will then be delivered to your home care provider for payment.

How much will it cost me to use Nyra's money from my Home Care Package?

When using your Home Care Package financing with Nyra, there are two expenses to be aware of:

  • Costs to the Provider: For handling your Home Care Package, the home care provider will charge an administrative fee. Because providers determine their own administrative fees, it's good consulting with a few to get a sense of what they charge. Nyra works with a number of low-cost home care providers, so don't hesitate to contact our customer service team to learn more.

  • Costs of a Care Worker: The funds in your package will be used to pay your care worker. On the Nyra platform, care and support workers select their own prices, which range from $28 to $35 per hour (during the week). Nyra adds a 5% fee to the hourly rate to cover overhead, such as public liability insurance.

What if my care worker is sick or can’t make it?

You choose the workers and manage the relationship using the Nyra platform.

We recommend interviewing a few caregivers so that you have a support plan in case your primary caregiver is unable to attend.

On the other hand, you might wish to form a team of workers so that you have a pool of people to call on.

If your care worker departs or goes away, you can easily go online and look for a replacement or phone our customer service team and we may assist you in filling the position.

Which suppliers do you suggest I use for my package?

Nyra has established good working partnerships with a variety of home care agencies. Please contact our customer service team so that we may offer you a list of our preferred providers.

MyAGedCare also includes a helpful guide that might assist you in selecting a provider. Please find it here and download it.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Home Care Packages


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