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Our Story

Nyra Holidays started out in 2018. We began as a small but targeted provider, specialized in taking individuals with a mild to moderate intellectual inability on vacations that needed supported trips within Australia. In 2018, we enquired our travellers if it was feasible to carry out more exciting holidays both in Australia and offshore. With no preconceived thoughts, our founders started to build up a market-leading supported holiday booking company and tour operator, providing for a much bigger variety of supported getaways. Nyra is currently a well-established global company, pleased to assist anyone wishing assisted Holiday in the creation and pleasure of fulfilling a great unsupported or supported vacation.

our story
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Our Crew

Nyra support team and staff member’s presence is to assure that the travellers will have pleasure on their trips with security and comfort throughout their trip. Nyra staff is conditioned to administer medicine, assist with spending budget, and if needed, provide more personalised care and attention.
Whatever is required, everyone at Nyra Holidays assures it is looked after with expertise. From the moment you call Nyra, to the last mile of the passenger’s supported vacation, the company’s expert team of hospitable travel agent and skilled support staff is there for you and your family.

Our Promises for Your Supported Holiday

Book With Confidence

Travellers should get the assistance they desire, with privacy and self-respect be honored. All food standards, allergies or preferences will always be taken into account.

Holiday Peace-of-mind Guaranteed

Travellers will receive the support they rightly deserve throughout their trips, with privacy and dignity always respected.

Discounts on Future Holidays

Earn Nyra Travel Points and redeem them on future holidays with us.

Inclusive Workforce

Nyra wants its staff to feel like they belong, and have a career path decided in front of them with the potential for development inside the company and the disability community. Our founders focus that everybody should be treated with honor and pride. It’s a basic principle, but one that has been essential in working as a foundation for Nyra effectively involved workforce.
Our founders also think that all work should be exciting and gratifying for the staff, and that everybody should feel like a necessary part of the workforce.

Inclusive Workforce

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