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Enabling Local, National and Worldwide Supported Holidays and Getaways

Nyra Holidays is the leading name in international supported holidays,trusted by travellers who have a disability. At Nyra, we look after anyone having a disability, giving them a vacation they have always wished for. We hope to offer in three easy steps:

We Pay Attention

Our team carefully evaluates what kind of holiday you are searching for.

We Compare

Our team compares exactly what assistance is required to make that trip happen.

We Assist

Our support staff and team members support you on the vacation of a lifetime.

Picking the Right Mode of Transport

With Nyra you can be rest assured that every mode of transport is examined for its reliability, security and availability before reservation happens. If there is a vacation that has minimal accessibility it will be mentioned on the itinerary and the travel advisor will notify the traveler or person facilitating the booking.

Each vacation has fixed methods of transport and at times they are not versatile however, if a passenger has particular needs it must be reviewed at the time of reservation. If the traveler has confined mobility it is essential to discuss requirements at the time of reservation to ensure the correct actions are in place for the best coziness & enjoyment of the vacation.

Picking the Right Vacation Destination

To ensure you love the concept of venturing with the best flexibility, and also delight in having the liberty to do what you wish, consider only Nyra to design and help you on your fantastic getaway.
The destinations happen to be numerous from nearby destination 1-2 hours from passenger's residences to long haul trips like South Africa watching the incredible wildlife in Kruger National Park, England with all the recognized sightseeing attractions like the tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and Portugal that is famous for its ethnic diversity.
The expertise and determination in creating these vacations by the Nyra team is second to none, we try to make all the aspects of the vacation as smooth and easy as it can be.

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