Here is where you can begin your rewarding career as an independent care or support worker.

What is Nyra?

We are a group of people who have a common goal.
Nyra is a digital platform that connects people and families with caregivers and support staff.

Encouraging choice and regulation, over care and support as well as job opportunities for care and support employees.

What are the advantages of working for Nyra as an independent care and support worker?


You can work as little or as much as you desire, and you can choose which jobs you want to do. Our calendar and reservations features will assist you in staying organised, regulating your work, and mapping out your weekdays.


Take charge of your own care and support company. Fix your own charges, chart your own course, and discover what you are best at. The Nyra platform's clients demand a variety of care and support services. Select the services that are right for you and your abilities.


The Nyra Insurance Policy covers all Nyra care and support personnel, including public liability, professional indemnity, and accident insurance. The goal of this insurance is to provide caregivers peace of mind while they work.

Business Center

You'll have access to everything you'll need to start your own company. ABN, Taxation and superannuation, as well as invoicing and payment systems.

Learning Center

With access to our Learning Hub, you may improve your skills and broaden your knowledge. Courses for caregivers are available online.

What Do I Need To Work As A Nyra Care & Support Worker?


Two references are required: the names and contact information for two referees.

Police Check

An up-to-date police check (acquired in the last 12 months) is needed.

Australian Business Number

You'll require an ABN. The ABN is a distinct 11-digit number that the government and community use to identify your business.

Personal Identification

To complete your registration, we require 100 points of identification.

Professional Photo

It's critical that your profile stand out. A professional shot that is clear and interesting is recommended.

Working With Children Check

Anyone who works with children is required to pass the Working With Children Check

COVID-19 Training

This 30-minute online training programme is for all types of health care personnel. This is a required training session.

NDIS Worker Screening

A new NDIS worker screening check has been implemented by the NDIS. This worker check is effective in all 50 states and territories for five years.

COVID-19 Vaccine Status

Families, individuals, and organisations are increasingly seeking for COVID-19-vaccinated elderly care and disability assistance workers.


Your references play a significant role in the construction and activation of your profile. They aid in determining whether you are suitable for the Nyra platform. They aid your capacity to immediately activate and onboard. Our team will be able to hear from your references about what a valuable contribution you will be

What distinguishes an excellent reference?

All of the questions on our form have been addressed.

A referee is someone who can vouch for your abilities and character(this can be a previous employer, a fellow worker, a client or someone who can propose you for the platform)

your referee is an individual who will complete the reference in a punctually(our team is not able to activate your profile and you will be unable to initiate searching for jobs until your refence check has been fulfilled - please choose referees who will rapidly respond so that your activation is not detained)

Police Verifications

All Nyra Platform employees must undergo an Australian Police Check. Our clients get a feeling of safety and security with a completed police check.

How Does It Work?

By following the link below and utilising the Nyra recommended provider, you can get a police check. You can also get a police check by going to your local police station (please note that this will take longer). If a disclosable infringement is discovered during your police check, Nyra senior management will decide whether or not your registration can proceed.

Online Doctors

Australian Business Number

An ABN is a distinctive 11-digit number that your business uses to identify itself to the public and government. An ABN is necessary for independent care and support workers on the Nyra platform.

ABN Image

ABNs Expounded

ABN can be used to:

when ordering and invoicing, let others recognize your business.Pay as you go is a bad idea (PAYG)You can claim credits for goods and services tax (GST) on payments you receive.Obtain credits for energy grants. Obtain a domain name in Australia.

Personal Identification

All Nyra clients may rest certain that workers who have registered on the site have undergone extensive background checks. Validating your identity is a part of this procedure. To establish your identification, you must produce 100 points of Australian or state-issued documentation.

What are 100 points of Identification?

Category 1
(Only ONE form of identification taken from this category.)

70 Points

Birth certificate

70 Points

Australian passport

70 Points

Australian Citizenship Certificate

70 Points

International passport

Category 2
(It is possible to count more than one of the following papers. The first document will receive 40 points, while subsequent documents will receive 25 points apiece.)

40 Points

Current licence or permit

40 Points

Working With Children/Teachers Registration card

40 Points


40 Points

Public Employee Photo ID card res768-mtb-25 (Government Issued)

40 Points

Department of Veterans’ Affairs card

40 Points

Centrelink Pensioner Concession card or Health Care card

40 Points

Current Tertiary Education Institution Photo ID

40 Points

Reference from a Doctor (must have known the applicant for a duration of at least 12 months)

Category 3
(It is possible to count more than one of the following papers; each will be worth 25 points.)

25 Points

Foreign/International Driver’s Licence

25 Points

Proof of Age card (Government Issued)

25 Points

Australian Citizenship Certificate

25 Points

Medicare card /Private Health Care card

25 Points

Council Rates Notice

25 Points

Property Lease/Rental Agreement

25 Points

Property Insurance Papers

25 Points

Tax Declaration

25 Points

Superannuation Statement

25 Points

Electoral Roll Registration

25 Points

Motor Vehicle Registration or Insurance Documents

25 Points

Professional or Trade Association card

Professional Photo

A picture does more talking than the words, and your Nyra profile photo can help you attract and engage customers. It's critical that your photo is professional, clear, and high-quality, and that it portrays you in your best light to potential clients. ✓

Photo is clear and focussed
Expression is pleasant
Picture is straight

Photo is clear and focussed
Expression is pleasant
Photo involves another person

Photo is clear and focussed
Expression is pleasant
Picture is not straight

Photo is blurry and focussed

Working With Children Check

Anyone who works or volunteers in child-associated work in NSW must have a Working With Children Check. It entails a National Police Check as well as an examination of any reportable workplace misbehaviour.

WWCCs Explained


anyone over the age of 18 anyone who has direct physical or face-to-face interaction with children in their job

What You Require

personal details, such as date and place of birth proof of identity documentation

How To make an application

Apply online at one of the many online service providers.Show your original identification documents and pay the cost at a Service NSW centre.
Children Check

COVID-19 Infection Control Training

COVID-19 Infection Control Training is an online course for health, care, and support professionals in a variety of contexts. For COVID-19, it involves the principles of infection prevention and control.

infection control training

Why Is This Course a Compulsion?

On the Nyra platform, care and support personnel are required to complete the COVID-19 Infection Control Training. COVID-19 has altered the ways of our living and working, specially for those who work with the members of our community who are at an increased threat. All users of our site should feel as safe as possible. It is critical for vulnerable individuals of the community to feel secure in their ability to get care and support, as well as to know that their caregivers are following current infection control measures. This workshop will give care and support professionals the knowledge and skills they require to reduce risk and respond more effectively to COVID-19.The health and safety of our community will always be of utmost importance.

NDIS Worker Screening

A new NDIS worker screening check has been implemented by the NDIS. This five-year NDIS worker check is valid in all states and territories.

NDIS Screening

You can register for the Nyra platform without completing the screening check, but the NDIS participants to whom you provide services are likely to need the screening check, in which case you will be required to complete it to provide services to them. There are some persons you will support who will require a background check. The NDIS worker screening check is done differently in each state and territory. You'll have to file as a solo trader. To apply for an NDIS worker screening check in South Australia, please click here. To access the NDIS worker screening in WA, please click here. To access the NDIS worker screening in NSW, please click here.To access the NDIS worker screening in Victoria, please click here. Read more about the NDIS worker screening in Victoria, including what to do if you have a WWCC. To access the NDIS worker screening in Tasmania, please click here. To access the NDIS worker screening in Queensland, please click here. The present checks still apply in NT and ACT. Please let us know if you have already completed the new worker screening check. If you complete the national NDIS worker screening, we will add a badge to your profile, which may boost your prospects of finding work.

Ndis Screening

COVID-19 Vaccine Status

Families, individuals, and organisations are increasingly seeking for COVID-19-vaccinated elderly care and disability assistance workers.

How Nyra Will Exhibit Your Vaccine Status


Care and Support worker has got 2 doses of COVID-19 Vaccination

Partially Vaccinated

Care and Support worker has got 1 dose of COVID-19 Vaccination


A care and support worker has scheduled a COVID-19 vaccination appointment and is waiting for the first dose

You must email your immunisation records to our team at [email protected] and keep us updated as things change. Your profile will then be updated to reflect your vaccination status.

How Do You Start Working On The Nyra Platform?

1. Register and create your profile
2. Obtain a police check & complete COVID-19 training
3. Complete onboarding with our team
4. Download the Nyra APP
5. Search for jobs in your area & apply
6. View & confirm your bookings
7. Complete your shift & shift notes
8. Manage your hours & invoices in your Business Hub
9. Receive your payment

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