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How it works

Sign up for Nyra totally free and start your search for your innovative support worker or perhaps workers. Experience the power to make your personal choices around your support needs.

Search for a support worker

Browse the profiles of Independent Support Workers close to you. They’ve all been inspected and validated for your assurance. Narrow your search to specific needs, availability, expertise and a lot more.

Book a support session

Shortlist your favourites, then simply get in touch directly through the Nyra platform. You along with your new support worker or perhaps workers - can mutually come to an agreement about the support services, price, time and location.

Know You're Secured

Be rest assured that you’re covered by the protection and shields of the Nyra platform including insurance. Moving forward, carry on developing your team by linking with more & more support workers.

Government funded? We’ve got you covered.

NDIS and disability support

Along with Nyra, you can get a lot more freedom from your NDIS package. You get to select support workers that will be best for you, to carry on with your interests, accomplish your goals to go out and about in the community.

Home Care Package

Take full control of your Home Care Package by Self-Managing and using Nyra. Manage over who delivers your support services and you could get up to twice the hours of care from the same funding.

Learn the Nyra difference


Envision having the capacity to pick your own team of support. Along with Nyra, you layout your own support plan and even pick the types of services that make it easy for you to live the life you desire.


Since we're online, our operating expenses are cheaper. We circulate the savings on to our customers. You simply agree to a price together with your support worker and Nyra's costs are only an extra 5%.


Together with Nyra, you can be assured that every support worker has been approved with both police verifications and references. Additionally, you will have access to ratings and testimonials left by other Nyra clients.

A trustworthy community of support workers:

Strict approval process

Nyra Independent Support Workers are firmly vetted through police inspections, referrals and certification verifications where needed.

Worker ratings and reviews

We think our community is the best to evaluate the quality of support services. With Nyra, you will have access to ratings and reviews by other customers that will give you useful insights.

Insurance coverage

To safeguard you along with your workers for each invoiced session, Nyra Technologies Pty Ltd. arrange insurance for workers.

Begin With 3 Easy Steps

Step 1


You can join for free, then easily search for independent care and support workers in your local area. You can be rest assured as we have checked and verified all workers.

Step 2


Contact support workers directly so that you can get to know and understand each other better, and can agree to rates, hours, and services that are feasible for both of you.

Step 3


We are an online platform and can handle all of the admin and payments, without you having to worry about any of it and can get on with life and enjoy the correct support for you and your family to the fullest.

Safety of your data is the

most important thing for us.

We will never sell your data. We will never take investments from companies asking us to sell our data. Multi-level security checks Multiple data backups Rigid data privacy policies
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Get a hassle-free and secure network of care and support

Owing to our strong network of verified independent care and support workers you can be rest assured that you and your family healthcare and well-being needs can be fulfilled with ease and peace of mind. Learn everything about our healthcare workers rigorous verification and safeguard policies.

Rigid and Uncompromising Provider Approval Process

Our workers have to fulfill rigorous criteria, that also includes referrals and key qualification verifications.

High Security Emphasis

Our support workers have police inspections and when relevant and essential Dealing with Children Verifications for added safety and security of community.

Insurance Coverage

All our independent support workers are covered by complete insurance policy organized by us so that you and your family have assured peace of mind.

Government-funded? You’re covered by us

With us start building a support network for yourself, even if you are Nyra funded or have a Home Care Package.

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